Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I rush Sigma Pi?
  2. What impact will Sigma Pi have on my grades?
  3. How will my Social Life Benefit From Sigma Pi?
  4. How does Sigma Pi contribute to the community?
  5. Will I be hazed as a pledge?
  6. What kind of a commitment is pledging? What about being a brother?

Why should I rush Sigma Pi? ( Top )

Sigma Pi is one of the leading fraternities on North Carolina State's Campus. We offer a unique brotherhood and a fraternal experience that differs from any other fraternity on campus. Joining will allow you to participate in many social and philanthropic events through out your college career. You will develop leadership, social, and other crucial skills that are needed for life after college. Also you will meet many people and get connections that will benefit you for years to come.

Here at North Carolina State, Rho chapter continues to receive constant recognition from various university departments. Recently we have received awards for our alumni relations, leadership training, and leadership on campus from Greek Life. We also received a First place finish for all fraternities in the Campus Police second annual Red Pig Award for Responsible Behavior.

What impact will Sigma Pi have on my grades? ( Top )

Scholarship is one of our top priorities. The main reason you are here at North Carolina State University is to get an education. We strive to have all our members produce good grades. We do this by having weekly study sessions and tutoring with brothers that are in the same major.

How will my Social Life Benefit From Sigma Pi? ( Top )

Sigma Pi hosts numerous social events through out the year. Some of these events include socials, mixers with sororities, brotherhood retreats, philanthropy events, and our annual Orchid Ball. By joining Sigma Pi you will meet so many new people and spark relationships that will last you a lifetime

How does Sigma Pi contribute to the community? ( Top )

Sigma Pi does many philanthropic and service projects every semester. Our most prominent philanthropic events include Skate for Sam, which is where we raise money for alcohol awareness and the ACE project, which is where we do some sort of project that directly benefits North Carolina State University. We also volunteer weekly at the local men's shelter and participate in roadside clean-up's.

Will I be hazed as a pledge? ( Top )

Pledging is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you'll experience, but rest assured, you will never be hazed. Sigma Pi feels that hazing is not only immoral, but is completely contradictory to what we are trying to accomplish. Hazing never has, and never will help build the bonds of Brotherhood. Pledges are treated with respect and brothers will always be willing to help with the challenges that pledges face. As a pledge, you will always be in good hands. We will never ask anything of you that we would not do ourselves.

What kind of a commitment is pledging? What about being a brother? ( Top )

Being a Sigma Pi does not end once you leave university; once you are a Sigma Pi, you always will be a Sigma Pi. The commitment is lifelong. Pledging will take time, but it is well worth it. Some of the greatest learning experiences of your college years will be outside of the classroom, many of those occurring during pledging, and as a brother. We understand that taking part in any activity is purely the decision of the individual. Some are able to participate more than others, and several members hold office within the fraternity. As a Sigma Pi pledge, you will certainly be making a significant commitment, but not a minute will be ill-spent. Pledges will only be asked to do things that have purpose and meaning.

Being an officer is an excellent opportunity to learn leadership skills one could never develop in the classroom. Working on projects both on campus and in the community, engaging in great social activities, competing in sports, and taking part in a great organization are all important parts of being a brother in Sigma Pi. The time we spend participating in constructive activities for North Carolina State University, its students, the community, and our own chapter is equivalent to time otherwise spent doing relatively nothing. It's all about seizing the day.